Peerfocus offers to associations and similar organizations a unique Web-based application for surveying their members and then providing them with custom benchmarking and reporting services based on the survey results. Peerfocus enables an extremely cost-effective implementation of this strategy. We have been helping clients create Web sites for this specialized purpose since 2000.

The Peerfocus vision is to facilitate better and more efficient information analysis and sharing among association members, saving each association the effort and expense of supporting its own development project. Through the Peerfocus service, associations and similar organizations share in a sophisticated system that delivers far greater value than any individual association could afford alone.

Peerfocus provides a full suite of surveying and benchmarking services supported by a robust, multi-layered account administration and security model. Research and development is ongoing as we explore new ways to apply the power of computers, artificial intelligence and the web paradigm to the tasks of information management, decision support, and organizational learning.

For more information about Peerfocus, please contact:

David R. Morgan
President, Peerfocus, LLC
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Tel   (203) 767-1866

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